Let’s See, Unemployment Rises To 9.8%?

ROADTRIP!! Break Out AF 1, Uh, Uh, Uh, A Surprise Visit To The Troops!!

“TRIC” The Teleprompter Reader-in-Chief is, HOLY TOLEDO Where’s the TOTUS? He is reading the local names from a piece of paper. This empty suit hates everything about the military, except that he’s The Commander-in Chief, and that as such, they have to obey him. The hypocrisy drips from every word and Mussolini chin jut. Oh, well, 2012’s coming. I’m sorry, but 65 years of witnessing Democrat hypocrisy has made me cynical. I can see why he uses a Teleprompter, looking down at a sheet of paper almost makes him look humble. He can’t have that.

I’m glad he went “for the Troop’s sake” the words he used were good words, the sentiments were too. Having been one, I know how it feels to the Troops, away from home during the holidays. A kind word from someone, especially from the symbol of your Country, and all that represents, so far from home can make a difference on morale. I’m sure his handlers are on top of those kinds of things and followed their procedures for surprise holiday visits.

However, everything this administration does is measured for effect, and as the TRIC had no stomach to address the WIKILEAKS debacle, a 2 tenths of a percent rise in the Administration’s Unemployment Rate from 9.6% up to 9.8%, when we were promised no more than 8%, is sure to make the TRIC run and hide. Of course, the accepted figures mask the real horror – near 20% real Unemployment, because the other 10% or so, have GIVEN UP looking.

That’s right folks, another Socialist-type lie cropping up, and long after the demise of the Evil Empire, whose 87 year history is available, and growing in its entirety and detail, for anyone who seeks enlightenment and truth. The details of their propaganda, name changing, cover ups for failed 5 year programs, and the out and out lies, is available in USSR and KGB records, including vindication for McCarthy. Maybe, years after we’re all dead and gone, someone will uncover all the outrages of this gang of lint-heads and thieves. No Alphabet News Network will expose the TRIC’s Administration now, while it would save the people a lot of grief, as they’re complicit in the conspiracy.